Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nintendo Wii : Call of Duty 3 Cheats!!!

Have you found yourself stuck or anything playing Call of Duty 3? Here's some cheats!^^

Unlock all Extras

At the chapter select screen, hold +, and press Right, Right, Left, Left, 2, 2.

My friend said that you have to input the code fast, though...

Hold Extra Grenades

You know that this game creator is cheap enough that he could only let you go out there fighting the German with only 6 granades... when you throw it away, you could also pick it up again and throw it away again. Instead of throwing it away, hold down the "-" button to keep the granade again. There will be no limitation of granades when you do this.

thanx to Joe who gave me these codes... Hope it works!

Go Go Go!!!

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It's a game from Nintendo DS. It will once again test the brain. If you played the DS' version before and liked it, then you will love this version.. By using the Wii-mote controllers the gameplay will be a cinch. There are multiplayer versus available in the game and also you can cooperate with your friend in solving problems in the co-op mode. Come and play! This game is definitely entertaining and educating all at the same time.

Great Game!

for more info, click here!
or here!

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Nintendo Wii : Boogie!!

Shake It. Sing It. Create It.

Get off the couch and play to an all-new beat in this singing and dancing game where you create and customize your very own Boog, and then take the stage to become a star. Using the unique Wii controls and a peripheral microphone to showcase your best singing and dancing moves. Use the fun and intuitive Boogie Video Creator to produce your very own music video, complete with multiple camera angles and cool special effects. With a huge selection of hit songs from over four decades, a variety of lovable characters, and an easy-to-use controller scheme, Boogie is the must-have sing-a-long, dance-a-long party game for players of all ages.

it included songs such as :

# Black Eyed Peas -- "Let's Get It Started"
# Blondie -- "One Way Or Another"
# Britney Spears -- "I'm A Slave 4 U"
# Britney Spears -- "Oops I Did It Again"
# The B-52's -- "Love Shack"
# Carl Douglas -- "Kung Fu Fighting"
# Chic -- "Le Freak"
# The Commodores -- "Brick House"
# Culture Club -- "Karma Chameleon"

For more information, click here.

shake your bon bon, bros^^

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Subscribe now!

I've add a subscriber software in the web... So, from now on, I'll inform you if there's something new in the page. Thus, you'll have to register your email address in the left bar. It's free, guys!^^ I don't take any charge of money or whatever it is. just have fun and stroll my web for Wii-nformation.. lol...

Peace guys!=D

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Madden NFL 07 Cheat!

Under Madden Cards, go to the Madden Code option. The game will ask you to enter code. Enter the following codes to obtain these Cheat Cards.

RLA9R7 #220 Super Bowl XLI (Gold)
WRLUF8 #221 Super Bowl XLII (Gold)
NIEV4A #222 Super Bowl XLIII (Gold)
M5AB7L #223 Super Bowl XLIV (Gold)
YI8P8U #224 Aloha Stadium (Gold)
B57QLU #225 '58 Colts (Gold)
1PL1FL #226 '66 Packers (Gold)
MIE6WO #227 '68 Jets (Gold)
CL2TOE #228 '70 Browns (Gold)
NOEB7U #229 '72 Dolphins (Gold)
YO0FLA #230 '74 Steelers (Gold)
MOA11I #231 '76 Raiders (Gold)
C8UM7U #232 '77 Broncos (Gold)
VIU0O7 #233 '78 Dolphins (Gold)
NLAPH3 #234 '80 Raiders (Gold)
COAGI4 #235 '81 Chargers (Gold)
WL8BRI #236 '82 Redskins (Gold)
H0EW71 #237 '83 Raiders (Gold)
M1AM1E #238 '84 Dolphins (Gold)
ZI8S2L #240 '86 Giants (Gold)
SP2A8H #241 '88 49ers (Gold)
QOETO8 1985 Bears Gold card
2L4TRO 1990 Eagles Gold card
J1ETRI 1991 Lions Gold card
W9UVI9 1992 Cowboys Gold card
DLA3I7 1993 Bills Gold card
DR7EST 1994 49ers Gold card
F8LUST 1996 Packers Gold card
FIES95 1998 Broncos Gold card
S9OUSW 1999 Rams Gold card
5LAWO0 Lame Duck card
XL7SP1 Mistake Free card
WROA0R QB On Target card

More to come!^^

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top 10 Nintendo Wii games

according to, here's the top 10 most wanted games on Nintendo Wii... here goes:

1. Project H.A.M.M.E.R
2. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle : The Crystal Bearers
3. No More Heroes
4. Metroid Prime 3 : Corruption
5. Mortal Kombat : Armageddon
6. The Sims
7. Pokemon Battle Revolution
8. Resident Evil : Umbrella Chronicles
9. Sonic and the Secret Rings
10. Disaster : Day of Crisis

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nintendo Wii Gundam 0079 AD

Finally!!! I can't believe my eyes when I see the news about the new Gundam 0079 on Wii!! It offers first person shooting genre which hopefully will also using a lot of wii-mote n nunchuk action..! I can't wait to get my hands on one of those... I've been missing some huge robot beating up action since armored core... I hope this one will be better than the Musou Gundam on PS3...

Here's the trailer...


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Metroid Prime 3 : Corruption

Feast your eyes on the new Metroid Prime 3 on Nintendo Wii!! It will keep you standing for hours in front of your TV!!! it's still not on the market, though... I'm sure the Metroid Prime fans are eager to wait out there... Samus Aran is finally stepping his foot on the Nintendo Wii... Though, you can also watch her in action in some other like Super Smash Bros:Brawl on Nintendo Wii... It's said that it will be released on 8/27/07...

Here's a short review about the game : The Galactic Federation’s Base Sector Zero is under attack by Space Pirates. Samus must boot up the generator to restore the defense systems. But at the end of her path, someone awful is waiting for her.

The war initiated by Dark Samus and the Space Pirates rages across many planets as they attempt to corrupt each with Phazon seeds. Players use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to explore alien landscapes, hunt for weapons and information, and destroy the seeds. Saving the planets from Corruption isn’t enough, though. Eventually, players must take down Samus’ mortal enemy, Dark Samus.

Besides using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers to pull off amazing feats like aiming and blasting in midair or at a full run, players also will have an array of different weapons at their disposal. In true Metroid fashion, these will become powered up as the game progresses. Not only that, but the controller will be used for a number of other game elements beyond the traditional firstperson shooter standards.

Enjoy bros!!!

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Zelda : Twilight Princess Cheat!!

Bomb bags location
as you may know, there are 3 bomb bags along with 1 capacity upgrade. This is how to acquire those items.. I got these from a friend of mine, though..
Bomb Bag 1 : you can buy it from Barnes Bomb Shop in Kakariko(after the 2nd temple quest).
Bomb Bag 2 : You have to rescue a goron from the giant lava rock in the underwater(zoras' domain)
Bomb Bag 3 : Destroy the rock barriers for the River Canoe mini game owner.
Bomb Bag Capacity Upgrade : Score 25 points or more in the River Canoe mini game.

Bottle at Fishing Hole
Go to the fishing hole, and find the sign that says: No Littering! notice the darker part of the water on the left side of the bridge? the one that is near the sign? You can get a bottle from it by fishing on it.

more to come!

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Nintendo Wii priced almost $1000 in Japan?

as a demand goes high, the supplies would go even higher. This is what happening in Japan with all those nice going selling activity of Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo Wii have indeed beaten Sony Playstation3 with a range of 6 to 1, but as the supplies went high the company will also became lack of supply which make many speculator sell their stock of Nintendo Wii in a very high price and sometimes doesn't make any sense at all.

one of the outlet in Akihabara district, Tokyo, tried too sell their Nintendo Wii USA version at almost US$500! It means they sold it 2 times the normal price. There's even an outlet in Japan who tried to sell it up to US$1000! are they nuts or what?? In the end, they didn't even manage to sell any of it. Like hell, it is... I'd be damned if anybody would... I don't know about you, but I think I'll pass on that one, sir...^^ Nintendo Wii for US$1000, anyone?^^

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wii photochannel help

well... I have posted a video about photo channel before... but, this time, to take a real closer look of the subject, I uploaded this video... there's this 'fun!' feature which allow you to mess around with picture and even VIDEO such as put it as a jigsaw puzzle game,etc... enjoy it, dude... Nintendo Wii's photochannel is indeed something that you should have... Man.... I love it so much... It's a bit hard for me to read all these Japanese letter on my Nintendo wii... but, it doesn't matter^^... I love it just the way it is... This is a Nintendo Wii Photochannel help that I got.. It's helpful for me.. and I hope it's also useful to you guys^^... Enjoy, bro...

Peace, dude!

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say hello to : Nintendo Wii's Wii Sports

This is one of all so many masterpieces of Nintendo Wii... you can take a look here of how wii sport brought us into the excitement of doing sports without even take a count upon your age^^... NO matter who you are... where you are... how old you are... It doesn't matter... just swing away and enjoy your youthfulness playtime^^... I love this console so much...

and here's a bit intermezzo... is this kid.... is possibly the youngest gamer ever...?^^ hehehehe.... he's 22 months old... say hi...!

Wii's so great, I've running out of words...

Wii are the future...^^

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Nintendo Wii's Zelda : Twilight Princess

This is the game that most of people in the world have been long to yearn.. There's a rumor about an accessories for both wii-mote and nunchaku which taken the shape of Link's sword and shield... Can't wait to have one of those!:D I've uploaded the picture if you want to see it in the page... It's so cool, right? From my sight, it's kinda created in it's real size, isn't it? see the size of the wii-mote? see? right?

More to come! Enjoy it, bro!

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Introducing : Mii Character

Mii is an avatar-like feature in wii which you can use as a player in wii sport and goes online with it... Have fun seeing how a family having their great time creating mii...!

according to wikipedia : Mii (IPA: [miː]) is a digital avatar created by Nintendo for the Wii's Mii Channel. After creating them, they can be used as participating characters in certain Mii-oriented games, as first shown in Wii Sports and Wii Play. Miis are customizable and allow the user to capture a likeness or caricature, or capture the personality of themselves and others.

Oh, and here's a little guide of how you can make a mii character and also how you could possibly uploaded photos out of your digital camera without wasting your time booting up your computer... this is way soooooooo convenient, I tell you... not only photos but also videos...

Cool, ain't it?:)

What's yours look like?

get it, create it, and play it!=D

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This is a blog created mainly for all of you who love this new Nintendo machine called wii..!! "Wii would like to play" was like a motto in the advertisement of Wii. As you can see below, Nintendo offer not only game play... but also the availability of gaming for all ages....

Enjoy it, guys!

Wii would like to play!

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