Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wii photochannel help

well... I have posted a video about photo channel before... but, this time, to take a real closer look of the subject, I uploaded this video... there's this 'fun!' feature which allow you to mess around with picture and even VIDEO such as put it as a jigsaw puzzle game,etc... enjoy it, dude... Nintendo Wii's photochannel is indeed something that you should have... Man.... I love it so much... It's a bit hard for me to read all these Japanese letter on my Nintendo wii... but, it doesn't matter^^... I love it just the way it is... This is a Nintendo Wii Photochannel help that I got.. It's helpful for me.. and I hope it's also useful to you guys^^... Enjoy, bro...

Peace, dude!

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