Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Nintendo Wii AC adapter

these days, many people told me that they had problems with their Nintendo Wii's adapter. Some of them got too excited playing the games and accidentally trip the cable and broke the adapter all at the same time. They came and asks me if I knew anyone who sold adapter on a reasonable price. Well, I do know the place that sold it, though so I guess, in this posting, I'll add a few tips about preventing an unwanted event on your Nintendo Wii's adapter:

1. Keep your wiring clear and try not to set your adapter cable below your stepping ground
2. Clean your Wii daily and keep it out of dust especially on the vent's side
3. keep the cable from being strangled on each other
4. Do not bent the cable and do not let the cable hanging on thin air

Thanx to my friends, Joe and Eric, who gave me these tips hope it'll work..

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