Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Check it out!! new Nintendo Wii Gadget!!!

I found this neat thing on the net..^^ It's pretty cool. If this guy gets the patent, I'm sure he'll be filthy sticky rich..:D man. I'd want one of those. it supports all the gaming experience you'd never even imagine. This guy's awesome. check out these screenshots..:D the A and B buttons are controlled by pressing the thumb and middle-fingers together. geez... how'd he do that. they said that they are also building a newer type with a Bluetooth chip added on it.

for more information, pls click here!

I've added some video for you to see this neat glove on action.. Hope you like it:D


Sean said...

that would be cool for Metroid, but... where would you plug the numchuck in at?

Graviron said...

Nunchuks? well, in this case, they haven't been able to explain it themselves. it's still a prototype and they only applied several buttons of nunchuks in the finger part.. check out the web...^^ maybe you'll find something there..^^

thanx for the comment^^...


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